“Once in a great while, an actor encounters a coach who is not only a skilled instructor and a passionate mentor, but someone who reminds the actor why he pursued this art in the first place.  Adam Lazarre-White is that kind of acting coach. With boundless energy, and a wealth of knowledge about the craft and the business, Adam has been a tremendous inspiration to me, and a constant source of support. He is fearless and fervent and demands nothing less from his students. His is not a class for those who are willing to just “wing it” or rest on their laurels. You have to put in the work. And work. Under Adam’s tutelage, I have grown as an actor and an artist, but more importantly, after more than a decade in the business, I’ve fallen in love with the craft all over again.”


"When I first came to Adam’s class, I was feeling artistically unsatisfied. I had just wrapped a project and was unsure of what direction I was headed in and who I was as an actress, and needed some serious inspiration. I really lucked out with Adam. Adam is a highly intelligent, articulate, and passionate teacher who made me fall in love with this craft like never before, and realize my full potential as an artist. He has an impressive knack for breaking down material from a unique, deep, and truly human perspective that never ceases to inspire me. His guidance is very honest and personal, but never discouraging. ALW has catapulted me into a new level of artistry, and it has really shown in my career.

There are a lot of classes in Los Angeles that can feel quite cult-y or very rigid in their techniques.  The energy in ALW’s class is very supportive and communal, but nothing feels forced at all - everyone is simply here to create and consume good art together.  - Adam approaches each actor as the unique individual they are, rather than believing in a one-method-fits-all approach. He constantly switches things up, challenging you, catering to whatever YOU need; there is no complacency here. I feel more free and authentic in my work than ever before - I’ve gained a whole "tool belt" of techniques and approaches from studying with Adam, and I rarely use the same exact approach twice. He meticulously assigns material to you with your specific needs and strengths in mind and, with his fantastic direction, you finish each assignment knowing that you’ve grown. Over my years of being in  class, not only have I felt myself bloom as an artist, but I’ve watched Adam instill leaps and bounds of growth into every student that he works with. The soul-stirring work that happens on stage in this class, week after week, is a testament to his approach. It truly is a beautiful and inspiring thing to witness and be a part of! 

Furthermore, Adam is just a genuinely great guy. No god complex here. As a working actor himself, he simply just gets it, and wants to help others grow and succeed. Whether it be in class, for a private audition coaching, or for general advice on the industry, Adam’s approach has proven to be invaluable time and time again. I’m very grateful to have found an artistic home at ALW Studios." 


“It is true that the best acting teachers are in LA or NY, and even in these two cities it can be difficult to weed through the riff-raff.  I began acting in 1992 when I moved from Dallas to NY and then to LA to train, and over the years I have taken scene-study classes, cold-reading classes, film-technique classes, sitcom classes, commercial classes and improv classes - and this is a partial list.   I always found good teachers, because I knew other actors and did my homework.  I can definitely say that those teachers were knowledgeable and taught those specific things very well.  None of these teachers are in the same league as Adam.  I have found two teachers in my years of training who have exposed me to what it is to be an artist.  Adam is one of them.  He will change your life.  He will bring you into a community, his community, selflessly, and will become your very own arts' catalyst.  He is a true artist, he lives the life and he expects it of you. He has an unmatched practice of looking at YOU, your unique talent, finding those strengths, weaknesses, quirks and gifts, and then giving you a list of material to work on that will nourish those strengths, work on the weaknesses and push you to all those scary places.  You will not coast on your strengths.  He will push you until you live with new ones.  When I was in Adam's class, I shared the stage with working actors and amazing talents.  We would watch each other on stage, and after class you would hear things like, "another academy-award winning performance!"  We grew to love spending time with one another, we couldn't wait to see our friends perform, we believed in each others' talents, and those who had careers that were further along, put the newer ones to work in their films.  We became a true artist's community.   I moved back to Texas in 2008 and have worked in the local market, but I would give anything to sit in on one of his classes.  I still call him, and I still rely on him for guidance.  You will not find another teacher like him!”

“Adam is a passionate, insightful, and articulate teacher who sees each student as unique. His passion comes from practice: Adam is IN THE GAME, which makes all the difference. He is out there doing the same job as we are, facing the same obstacles and opportunities. Yet he is wise enough to know that his challenges may not be the same for all.  More importantly, he is able to express and ARTICULATE what he sees in a way each individual can understand.  Two actors may need to hear the same thing, but need to hear it in different ways. Adam's way is "whatever works for you in the situation".  There is no "one true way” - only TRUTH.  I learn as much off-stage as on during Adam's class.  Anyone can see the problem, but few can break it down like Adam.”

"Spending the last 35 years in New York and LA as a working Actor, I've been blessed to meet and work with some of the top teachers in the business.  Years ago, I started working in Adam's class.  He’s talented, smart and very knowledgeable in all facets of the industry.  My experience has been wonderful and Adam has helped elevate my craft.” 


"Finding Adam’s class is what made me fall in love with the craft of acting all over again.  His ability to understand actors after one conversation is truly a gift of his.  Adam doesn’t take the easy road.  He pushes you to find scenes that challenge you, while being an encouraging, thought provoking voice.  He inspires his class to look at the classics, while providing insight on how to handle working on film sets.  His love of theater, mixed with his impressive film resume gives him a unique perspective to help both this and the next generation of actors.” 

"I have had the true pleasure of working with Adam Lazarre-White for over two years and can comfortably say you will not find another individual who is as passionate and focused on helping you with your career as he is. From acting with honesty and technique, to guidance within the industry and a firm but comforting chat when needed, Adam is a role model artists strive to find. I have secured multiple network shows, produced my own distributed content and secured agents worldwide with Adam's coaching. And the insights specific to auditions he is able to offer, is something that, without debate, has helped me tremendously. If you are looking for honest direction, structured classes and a passion like no other, Adam Lazarre-White is the person. Thank you Adam!" 

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